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Saturday, February 1st

I can't believe it is February already. January was a blur, but I should have expected that. Work started crazy in the new year and has not slowed down yet. I am working seven days a week now at 10-12 hours a day just to keep up. Travel has diminished, but I expect to have a couple of trips in the Feb/March timeframe. The new house is going great, and the workout room we have set up is perfect. I will post some pics soon. I hope to see you in class this upcoming week.
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Monday, September 9th

Happy Monday everyone!!! it was a Monday for sure...A/C went out last night...so very little sleep...fans just don't quite cut it...lol. But we survived. Up early, or should I say just stayed up, got a lot of requirements done. Work has been pretty busy as I get ready for travel to corporate HQ in Herndon. Planning on working tonight and doing another round of requirements. Focused on poomsae today...working on stances and preps.
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Sunday, September 8th

lots of training today...still hurting but taking everything slow. Travel coming up this week so will have to plan accordingly. still feeling stressed, primarily because of travel and not able to get to class as much as needed. Looking at ways to change class schedules.
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Thursday, September 5th

Already the 5th of September....work is all consuming right now as project and deliverables are stacked up...having to catch-up work early in the morning and evenings...leaves little time for training and requirements...beginning to wonder if I will have the time over the next month...not a good day for sure. going to class tonight, picture day and hopefully work with Master Weeks. Feeling slightly overwhelmed and stressed right now. Need to adjust attitude for sure.
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Monday, September 2nd

Happy Labor Day!!! have the day off so focusing on requirements and training at the house. Did not sleep very well so will take a short nap later today. Today I am focusing on Poomsae's...1-8 primarily...need to make sure I have them nailed so I can move on to the TaeKwon poomsae's with Master Weeks this week.
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Saturday August 31st

In New York City for work most of the week...made it to Black Belt Class Thursday evening, great class, thank you Master Cavasos & Master Weeks...worked on Poomsae's and neck choke self defense...old Hapkido techniques. In NYC, walked everywhere so got at least 8 of not 9 miles of walking in over the 3 days. This weekend is "double-down" weekend on requirements...double everything. Up early today and knocked out this mornings numbers.
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Tuesday August 27th

up early, knocked out physical requirements. Flying to NYC today for work...going to be meetings all day and then later dinner and then meetings again all day tomorrow. Will need to do as much as I can in the hotel gym.
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Monday August 26th

Monday and full work day today...calls and meetings all day. up early, knocked out some requirements, 9Round in the afternoon and than back to work for follow-up and emails to end the day. Tired today...
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Wednesday & Thursday - August 21st & 22nd - Working out of Town

Had to travel to Ohio for work on Wednesday...quick day trip - about 30 hours total...managed to get some requirements in but not a full day's worth. Getting harder to travel for work and stay on top of requirements...starting to feel the stress.
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Friday August 23rd

It's Friday...heading into the weekend with goals of tons of requirements. Been traveling for work again this week and starting to feel very behind. Last night Black Belt Class was great, thank you Master Cavasos for double stick review...and thank you Master Connor for being my partner. Also, good kicking line...good job everyone.
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Tuesday July 24th 2019

In Philly for 2 days of very intense technical training...with labs, tests and lots of homework...ended up spending 14 hours on Monday working and another 15 hours today. But I finished all the work!!! Headed to Boston for client meetings and presentations. Feeling ok, not sleeping well in the hotel, not eating that great and not able to spend too much time on training.
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Sunday July 21st

It has been a crazy, hectic few days. I was in Raleigh working for 3 days...non-stop from 6am to 9pm...managed to get a little training in. Yesterday did 9Round in the morning and then had appointment all the rest of the day looking for houses with our realtor. Today I fly to Philly for 2 days and then to Boston. Back on Thursday. I am sure the hotel has a good gym so will be there as much as possible.
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Wednesday July 17th

had a great night of sleep...feel good this morning in spite of being a little sore from yesterdays triple workout...just about to head to Raleigh for a couple of days of work. Will attack requirements this evening at the hotel. They have a pretty good fitness room. Worked with Master Weeks yesterday on self-defense...clearly my main weakness at this time. Thank you Sir!!!
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Tuesday July 16th

Slept ok...woke up around 4am and had a hard time falling back to sleep. Using my new sleep app for tracking it...pretty cool. Started working pretty early, chiropractor this morning to keep my back in shape. Did CrossFit at lunch plus a ton of other requirements. CrossFit workout included today...brutal on my shoulder...ouch. Headed to Black Belt class this evening...hope to see a lot of candidates there.
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Monday, July 15th

great night of sleep, up early, meditate and work. this afternoon hit 9Round in Cornelius...great workout!!! just finished requirements for the day...ready to relax and grab a good dinner.
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Sunday July 14th

good day today...slept great, up early, meditation, church and 2 hours of training...going to yoga this evening. If every day was a Sunday then this would be easy...but it's not and back to work tomorrow. Going to be a busy, busy week but will stay focused on training. Plans are to be in class at least 3 times, hopefully 4. Also 9Round and Crossfit 3 times.
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Friday July 13th - Travel Woes

Flights were delayed out of Dulles Thursday evening...ended up waiting 6+ hours. Finally got back to Charlotte around midnight...home after 1am. Long day...up at 7am and had to jump right into work calls. Another long day and did not get to much time for training. Saturday will be full training day for sure. Back is a little whacked, always is after flying. Will for sure do some extra stretching.
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Thursday July 11th - Working in Herndon VA

Still in Herndon VA working...just about to finish up the second day of training for a new area I am working on developing for the company...it's called DevOps or NetOps and it is basically next generation programming for networking solutions. Anyway, just about to head to the airport for flight back to Charlotte...looking forward to getting home and back in the training mode...up early this morning for breakfast meetings and then class.
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Wednesday - July 10th

in Herndon VA for work the next two days....early morning meetings so training will be in the evening. Late flight last night so did not get to the hotel until 10pm. Slept ok...it's always difficult the first night in a hotel. Up early for meditation and starting work. As I reflect on the beginning of this cycle I can't help but feel so much gratitude in the simple fact that I have this awesome privilege to train with Master Evins and all the black belts at King Tiger. Plus the fact that currently I am injury free and healthy enough to train full speed.
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Tuesday, July 9th - Travel Day

good morning...up early...slept very well. I have decided to change my sleep schedule and go to bed earlier. I am also tracking my sleep every night with a new app for my iWatch...very informative as it tracks all the sleep patterns. Last night was a 7 1/2 hour of sleep...with a 82% "quality" rating with 5 REM cycles for 22% REM sleep...pretty good. Rowed, situps, pushups, stretching and morning meditation...now work all morning. Scheduled for CrossFit at lunch today. Still sore from yesterday's workout so will take it 75% today. Travel today to Herndon VA for work...2 days of work related training tomorrow and Thursday. This will test my new travel workout schedule so I will report on that when I return.
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Monday, July 8th - The Fall 2019 Cycle has started...

Good day everyone, Instructor Brewer here...the Fall 2019 Black Belt Cycle has started...I am starting this cycle for my 4th Dan - Master - with a huge sense of excitement along with some nervousness. I have been attempting this for the last 4 years and am finally in a position to actually do a cycle. My excitement is overwhelming as I think back on my more than 30 years involved in the martial arts and Tae Kwon Do and over 16 years training with Master Evins and King Tiger. My nervousness is primarily in all the new requirements and still trying to remember the old ones...which really makes most of everything new to me. I know that I have a huge support group at KTA and will be working with my mentor on a regular and frequent basis. I look forward to working and training with all the black belt candidates...
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Friday March 22nd

I got back into town last night...long trip and long days. Flying on a plane for 4+ hours always messes with my back. May have to get a massage today...lol! Overall a good work trip and very productive. I had limited time to train but back at it today. Will hit CrossFit for 19.5 Open WoD today and also work other requirements throughout the day. Looking forward to the weekend and some much need rest but focused on updating requirements.
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Tuesday March 19th

slept pretty good last night...had to change my flight to today so I could attend to a personal issue. Flying out at 4:25 this afternoon. Up at 6:30, meditated, trained and then started working to get ready for this trip. Feeling a bit stressed...it is all about work/life balance. During meditation this morning I got a sense that I can only do what I can do. As long as I am taking care of my needs and basics - the irreducible minimums as I like to call them - then all is good and all will work out as it should.
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Monday March 18th

Great night of sleep, great weekend overall. Woke up today at 6:30, meditation, rowing. CrossFit at noon, tough WoD. Have to go to Arizona this week for work but will get most of my requirements in while there.
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Saturday, March 16th

Had to work today...did not make it to Saturday class..bummed. Woke up at 6am, mediated, rowed, some training. Still sore from last CrossFit...got a massage yesterday afternoon...helped a little.
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Friday - March 15th

Great night of sleep...got right at 7 1/2 hours. Up at 6:30am...rowed, sit ups, meditated for 30 mins. Getting ready for work today, going to be a long day. Will do CrossFit at noon - Open workout 19.4. Black belt class last night was very good....thank you Master Cavazos. Poomsaes were not that solid for me...still having mental/memory issues. Short stick forms 1, 2 & 3.
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Crossfit WoD from Thursday - 3/14/19

Crossfit WoD from Thursday - 3/14/19
This was a perfect WoD for requirements...lol.
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Thursday, March 14th

Did not sleep very well last night...way too many sounds going outside. Up around 7am, rowed, worked out and then meditated. CrossFit at noon....brutal but knocked a ton of pullups, pushup, squats and others. Blackbelt class tonight at 7:30pm...trying to get there early to do some pomsae's.
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Wednesday March 13th

Great black belt class last night...self-defense and single stick forms. Woke up this morning at 6:30. Rowed, meditated and having oatmeal and water for breakfast. Full day of work today but planning on going to CrossFit later this afternoon. During meditation this morning I spent the majority of the time on being thankful and grateful...so much to be grateful today it is overwhelming at times.
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Tuesday, March 12th

Today started at 6am as usual. Rowing, meditation, coffee, work. Going to black belt class tonight. Still working on finding the balance between training and work. Crossfit yesterday left me sore most of the day with overhead squats and the WOD.
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Back at it....

I am starting my black belt training again today....been awhile so I am very anxious about all the new things I need to learn. I have been training very hard the last 9 months - Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, etc. but feel totally unprepared for the new journey. Looking forward to seeing everyone and training with the best.
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