Spring 2024 Black Belt Cycle

Earned. Not Bought.

Black Belt is something that takes years of training, hard work and dedication. Black Belt is something that is earned - not bought. Lots of sweat and tears goes into making a Black Belt. The Black Belt process is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. The awesome memories you have made and will make will be with you a lifetime.

On this website you will find all the requirements for testing for our Black Belt. The road will look and appear challenging and there will be times you want to quit, but with hard work, determination and a winning attitude your Black Belt Class will pull you through this like no others before you. Please take time to read over your requirements and make sure you understand them fully.

Remember, you are now a part of King Tiger history that started in 1959 with Grandmaster Jung. Our journey started in 1988 when Grandmaster Lee opened our first school in Greenville, NC. You are a part of that lineage. This website was created to hold you accountable. It was also created to show others what a King Tiger black belt is all about. You represent not only yourself and your family, but every black belt that has come before you and the ones that have not yet taken there first kick! You are King Tiger and you will be a King Tiger Black Belt!