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Candidate Journals

King Tiger Tae Kwon Do Black Belt candidates blog daily about their journey: their thoughts and feelings, their struggles and successes; their pain and their encouragement. Follow along on their journey; words of encouragement are always welcome!

Yes Finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with physical requirements)

Today I have finished all my push ups sit ups and pull ups. Also random acts of kindness today. I am so glad I don't have to do all those requirements every day. :-)) Now I am another step closer to getting my new belt! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hump DAY!!!!!!! Woot Woot

Today I finally got to use the bow in orchestra. A bow on my cello sounds awesome! My grand parents are coming and I cant wait to see them because I can show them how much stuff ive been doing for the cycle. Also I got a 95 on my science test so that bumped my grade to a 92. One point from a A so close! Id love to talk about my day more but those cookies smell good.

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Last journal

Today I accidentally slept in and didn't get much requirements done in the morning. I got done with all my burpees and self defence yesterday so I dont have to do those anymore YaYYYYYYYYYY! Now I have to go to bed. :_-(.

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soccer game

Today I woke up at 6am like usual and did requirements. I am exited about the weekend because now I can get almost all of my requirements done. I am also exited for the soccer game this tuesday.

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Almost done

I am so glad that I am almost done with all my requirements! I only got 500 kicks left and 3,000 pushups and sit ups and 100 more bur-pees. Today I slept in by accident and didn't get all my goals for today done in the morning man. ;-l

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Hump day!

Today like usual got up at six did requirements go to school home work tae kwon do bed time. Tomorrow I got a science test so I am studying hard for it. Today finally I did one full pull up!

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Today I did a lot of extra requirements like 250 puch ups and sit ups. Also 50 bur-pees, 36 poom saes and 40 self defense. I also did 6 sparring rounds. In black belt class we worked on being able to take a hit. The front row of instructors and masters tried to fling there belts at us and we tried to slide back to miss it. After that we hit a bamboo stick with a round house kick. I tried kicking it as hard as I could,man that hurt!

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Birth day party

Today I went to my friends birthday party. It was fun because I got to play foot ball and soccer. And of course I had pizza and cake. The party was some what useful because I got some random acts of kindness done to! Well tomorrows school so I better enjoy the weekend while it lasts.  

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almost there

It is very close to the black belt testing and I am doing pretty good on every thing except for single stick form and hopceto self defense. I did another essay today so that means I only got 2 essays left and one of them I am doing tomorrow. Well I got to go see a movie because I got all my stuff done early! :-) 

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Game truck night!!!!!!!!

Today was the game truck night, at first we played dodge ball then the games. In the game truck I played mine craft and smash bros brawl. After that we played foot ball and started tackling each other. I was playing goalie with the ball in soccer and dived for the ball the person tripped over my face and now I cant feel my lip!

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Awsome requirement day!

Today I was at TKD for 3 hours doing requirements  and some extra! Also I did my men-ti meeting. We worked on rolls self defense and hook kicks. After that I had black belt class. We worked on self defense so we could memorize them for the black belt test. When I got home I had to play the cello for 30 minutes.

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never ending

Today was never ending. I woke up fed the cats school then after school from my cello I got a blister on my right pointer finger. It was kinda heard to do puch ups with it. Then non stop home work that I slowly completed.

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Cool/ boring day at school

Today in school for 1st block I learned about Neanderthals and watched a video on it. In second block we worked on b In being principled. I already learned that in TKD. In third block we worked on finishing classwork. Boring!!!!! In fourth block we read are new library books. Yesterday I did not get a library book because I was late. Thank goodness I brought my own book. In 5th block we played foot ball because its gym.( Foot ball) also boring!!!!!!!!!! In TKD I got extra requirements done because I got all mine done at 6 am. In black belt class we worked on basic forms for staffs. We also worked on our hopcito self defence and poom saes. And now I got all the time in the world to do whatever I want.(Are maybe 1 hour). Not Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome idea!

Today I ran 3 miles in cross country. So now I do not have to run tomorrow. YYYYYYYAAAAAYYYY!!!!! Also I got everything done at 6 am so I dont have much to do. I am now going to do that every day except for the weekend.

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Triathlon/ run

Today I did a triathlon. I did pretty good I got 5th out of 7. I would of caught up in the swim but my goggles rolled over into my eyes! I caught up in the bike and run. I was going to do 4 miles but in the run in the traithlan I only had to run 3.4 today. I like to catch up a lot in the weekends so I don't have home work and physical requirements to do.

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Working Hard Then Playing Hard/ Watching Hard

Today at black belt class we worked on back falls rolls and front falls. I learned a lot of stuff from Master Kim from all of the stuff we learned in the back room. Also we learned different kicks like double side kick turning side kick and hop step side kicks. Since I got my requirements done early I get to watch the first hunger games once I am done with this journal. I even had enough time for my friend to come over to my house for over 2 hours!

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Over finally its over!!!!!!!!!!

I can now have a little bit of video game time starting tomorrow. Not that I got time to play much :-(. Also I ran 4 miles today! My time was 34 minutes for 4 miles. Also for my first math test of the year and I got a 104%! Yay!

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Busy Day

Today I had a busy day. I got a locker but could not open it. Will have to try again tomorrow. I went to school. Then spent the rest of the day at King Tiger. I worked on my requirements, worked with my mentee on rolls and sparring combinations. I then had black belt class. I worked with a knife and sword! I then had to complete my homework and now going to bed. Tomorrow is the last day for the no electronics. Very excited.

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Mentee meeting/ concert

Today is the last day till the concert. I can't wait even though I am going to be in the last row. I still cant wait to hear Maroon 5 sing. Today at TKD I did my mentee meeting. Today I wanted him to have more power, so I put a bag in front of him and would try to knock the bag down. Also in black belt class we worked on falls side falls front falls and back falls. We also did rolls.

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Donations for Levine Children's Hospital

Today I was lucky because I did not have a lot of homework. Since I did not have a lot of homework, I was able to stay later at King Tiger to get my requirements done for the day. We also made muffins for my mom to take to work to get donations to the Levine Children's Hospital. So far I have sold 24 tickets for the Kindle tablet. I have also started the No Electronic challenge today. This is my only internet time today. 

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Awesome day!

Today was a great day because I git all my requirements done early. I have finally got enough of extra requirements done so I can go to the Maroon 5 concert. Also today I went to my friends birthday party today. I didn't get to eat much because I was to busy on my requirements. So at the party I ate 5 slices of pizza 2 popcorn bags and 1 big slice of cookie cake. Also I road the go carts and almost ran the guy over because I braked to late. whoops! Later that day I climbed up spider ropes and stayed there looking down at everybody. I was so glad I got my requirements in because I even got to play mine craft for a hour and twelve minutes!

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Today I had to double my normal requirements as I will be at a concert on Wednesday. The concert will be worth doing all the extra requirements this weekend because Adam Levine is singing live! In sparring class it was tough as I haven't had sparring in a while. I had a hard time dealing with the pain as they kicked me, and it was hard for me to kick my partner when they were kicking me. I will sleep good tonight!

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Its finnaly the weekend and now I dont have to wake uo at six to do requirements. I can finally relax. But I still got home work and essays so I cant really relax. Man!

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4 hours again

Today I spent 4 hours in tae kwon do classes again! I first came into the dojang then did my requirements. Then I helped out in class. Then after that I did more requirements. Then I had black belt class and after that I did my home work!

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First Day of Cross-Country

I did my running requirement while I was practicing in my first cross-country practice at school. I also did 30 push-ups and was able to hold a low plank position for 30 seconds. I also learned different stretches and techniques for warm up before running. 

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I was tired because I had a long day at school with exercises to still to do. I spent 4 hours in Tae Kwon do. First I helped out in class, then I had a mentor meeting, then I helped out in another class, and after that I did a black belt class. When I got home I laid in bed until I realized I still had 50 push ups and 50 sit ups still to do. So basically it was a tiring day.

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Labor Day

Labor Day was not a fun holiday today. I did a project due for school and had to do a lot of requirements. I am caught up with most of my requirements. I need to really focus on sparring rounds and self-defense. Tomorrow I will ask my mentor to help me with basic form 3 and self defense special 1. 

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Catch Up

To catch up from not being able to do all my requirements this week with it being the first week of school,  I am doing 12 sparring rounds a day. Also I  am doing 50 poom saes and 40 self defense. I am doing 3 miles and 200 push ups a day for now to catch up. I am now playing the cello in orchestra. Its really fun and makes a really wonderful sound! My challenge today was running early in the morning. 

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I am glad it is the weekend because now I can practice my poom sae. I am practicing the poom sae far the next pretest. Also now I can finally focus on one thing. Tae Kwan Do.

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Today I got a new cello and its going to be pretty hard doing the cello swimming soccer and cross country. Also tae kwon do and all the exercises I have to do for the black belt. I think I am going to be a master at the cello by the 8th grade.

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Today was pretty cool considering i am learning the cello now. I still don't know how i am going to carry it from class to class. Because I think it weighs 10 pounds. Today I played tae kwon do jeopardy and I think I did pretty good because I studied a lot for my pre-test. I take my second attempt at my pre-test tomorrow. I have studied a lot more so hopefully I will get the questions right.  

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Hard Time Getting Everything Done

It is kind of hard now that school started because now I have school, physical exercises requirements, studying for school and my Tae Kwon Do classes in the evenings. I still have essays for TKD to do. I am focusing hard to get my school project done so I can focus on my requirements and essays this weekend. 

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First Mentee Meeting

Today was my first mentee meeting with my friend Matthew. He is a green belt. I showed him green belt self- defense two step and one step. I thought he learned really quickly. I thought it was awesome being a mentor because he was listening to what I said and he was learning from me! 

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Pull Ups

Today I had a struggle with pull ups . So to get better I put my chin on the bar and try to hold myself there for 5 seconds. A lot harder than you think 5 seconds would be. To get my run in me and my family walked 2 miles. My goal for the pull up is by the end of the week to be able to hold myself up for 15 seconds. 

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Hard Day/Fun

Today I did the pretest the physical was hard but I tried my best to do good. I was able to do 37 situps and 15 burpees and 25 quality pushups. After the pretest I went to the fields with my friends to play soccer it was fun, I scored 2 times and when I was  in goal I blocked 5 goals. After that we all got ice cream!

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White Belt

Today I was helping out in testing and I was a white belt so it was really humiliated because all the people were saying" how is he helping out in testing he is a white belt". 

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Busy Day

Today I mowed the yard for the first time. I got all my requirements in except for my run. I'll have to double up tomorrow!Tomorrow my goal will be to get extra requirements in since school is starting soon.

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White Belt

Today I just started my week of being a white belt. I was in the back of the line in class. It's humiliating to be in the back as a white belt so this is definitely a challenge. It reminded me of when I was a white belt working my way up the belt levels. I am also back from vacation so heavy on the requirements. Also studying the study guides for the written exam coming up.

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Mont-Tremblant Iron Man

I was only able to get my run/walk requirement today as I was cheering my Aunt Kristin in the Iron Man today. I was also able to go up a ski lift and take a luge car down the mountain. Fun! I was able to some acts of kindness in helping some strangers at the race. I return from Canada tomorrow.

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Biking in Canada

Today  I did a rail trail. And I did bike 11.2 miles! itbis hard keeping up with my exercises on the road. 

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Awesome Canadian Ironkids 5K

Today I did a 5K in Mont-Tremblac Quebec in 21:57. I really had a lot of fun and wore my King Tiger t-shirt in the race. I am a bit behind in some requirements but will try hard to catch up. Tomorrow will be biking on a bike trail in the mountains. 

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Made it to Canada

Finally got to Canada in our RV. Difficult to gets my exercises in the RV. I found out I may be able to run a 5K here. Very excited!! 

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Day 13

Today I did all my push-ups and sit-ups during commercials of a one hour show.  And I am going to Canada so it's going to very very hard to do my requirements. I will try my best.

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Day 12

Today I had a mentor meeting with Master Knight. We practiced Basic Form #2 and #3 and also Wang Ho 1. Today I did 15 random acts of kindness. And I did 185 pushups and situps. It was a pretty good day today.

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Day 11

Today I am trying to catch up on poomsaes. I did 30! Also I could only do 1 mile because it was really hot outside. My biggest struggle today was motivating myself to get my requirements in when all my friends were playing outside.

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Day 10

I ran a mile this evening. I am behind on Poomsaes so I am going to concentrate on Poomsaes tomorrow. I thought the black belt camp today was really fun because we got to learn staff moves. 

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I have set a new goal that  I have  to do 80 push-ups 80 sit-ups and 1 mile and 10 poomsaes and 8 self-defense before I can use the computer.  

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I got Tae Kwan Do almost every single day the only day off i get is Friday and Sunday, But I am fine because King Tiger is fun exiting and I learn new things every day.

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Day 6

Getting as much exercises as I can before school starts. My most challenging requirements are push-ups and sit-ups.

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Day 5

Today I did a lot of exercises in class. I led warm-ups in class today.

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Day One!

Starting the Black Belt cycle and feel good but nervous.

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