Fall 2022 Black Belt Cycle

Blew up a chemistry lab, but hear me out!

Yesterday was eventful. After TKD class, I was supposed to go to the gym to knock out some requirements, but I had to go to school to redo an experiment with my Chem lab group. We were in the process of fermenting yeast and then using that solution to distill ethanol. Unknown to our knowledge, another chemistry class had switched out our solutions by accident with another solution. So when we began to heat up our fermented solution, it basically went KABOOM. Luckily our supervisor was present and we were wearing protective gear to begin with. Atleast now I can scratch off "Accidental chem lab experiment" off of my college bucket list! XD Spent my entire morning today to redo my fermentation experiment and then going back tonight after Black belt class to re-run my distillation experiment. Stay tuned tonight to find out if it blew up again!

Journal 39
A boring day indeed


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Saturday, 01 October 2022

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