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Candidate Journals

King Tiger Tae Kwon Do Black Belt candidates blog daily about their journey: their thoughts and feelings, their struggles and successes; their pain and their encouragement. Follow along on their journey; words of encouragement are always welcome!

An update and partial explanation

Some people may know I havent been in class for a few weeks and won't be making it to the testing friday or saturday. 

During the physical I wasn't feeling great and knew something was up but still was as dedicated as ever and pushed myself to complete the physical. A few days later I started showing symptoms of a medical issue I have and began my treatment schedule to get everything under control and try to keep myself healthy enough to complete the cycle. 

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Brian Foster
Feel for you brother. You will be missed. Get healthy and stay healthy. Prayers to you.
Wednesday, 26 April 2017 22:20
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My Last journal?

I wanted to wait for something profound before posting my last journal entry but alas.. This is my last journal and no inspiration has come to me..
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How is everyone doing with their essays?

Well the final days of the cycle are coming very close to an end and now the essays are due... Have been cranking them out but I am having a difficult time with the "history of the kwans" essays. I guess because I dont know what sources to trust when it comes to Historical information (you can never trust wikipedia) so anyone else having difficult with this essay? 
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Mutated Flu? Or something else

I feel like I am getting sick again, which sucks because I thought I had the one and done flu... Here's to hoping it isn't something like will take me out for a couple days. 
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I am running out of things to say...

I am running out of things to say... So I am going to go ahead and do some poomsaes and self defenses.... So ya.. There is that
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The end is in sight!

Well with the physical and written test over, the end is finally in sight! The requirements are coming to a close (just finishing up the last few) and feeling pretty condifdent. Just a couple more sparing classes and mentor/mentee sessions and I should be done! 
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The day after tomorrow

Are we doing movie names for the last few weeks of cycle? The day after tomorrow will hopefully be my 2nd to last sparing class! 
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Back in the swing of things.

Well it is monday, which means a new week begins. What new things will this week bring I wonder!
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Current Checklist

Instructor Camp - Check Physical and Written Exam - Check Congrats to everyone on the physical and written exam. It is strange that I do more pushups and situps then that in any given day, but I am feeling the effects of the physical exam more. I think it is because I spread out everything else into multiple reps of 25 while yesterday we got everything done in what? 1 hour pretty much?
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Twas the night before testing

Twas the night before testing, and all through the dojang, not a creature was stirring, not even a... umm... Well I can't rhyme with dojang so I give up. Anyway, testing tomorrow. Really wish my allergies would give up so that I can breath while running. Anyone have the ambulance on standby for me tomorrow? 
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Another day closer to testing

Testing is almost here. Another day down and another day closer. I feel confident about the written test but I hate the physical portion (can we be done with running already?)
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Looks like the website beat me again!

I was afraid I was falling behind in my requirements so I have been running more than I would like (anything over 1 mile is a struggle but just have to push thru every time) and been doing pushups until my arms aren't functional for the next few hours AND then I audited my requirements and it looks like it thinks the cycle ends weeks before it really ends (I don't know why I am surprised when it did this last cycle too). So at least my requirements will be over faster than necessary! 
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Anyone want to clarify how many schools are in NC?

So I have asked 3 different people and gotten 3 different answers on "How many king tiger schools are in North Carolina". Anyone want to clarify this one? 
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Another day closer to testing

Another day down, another day closer to testings. Gotta write those essays and start studying more!
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Foster ... Did you get me sick?

So was preparing to write my journal entry and read a couple of the entries that were listed at the top and low and behold, the first one is from Brian Foster about he is getting over his sickness... If he is the one who gave me this lingering flu... sigh... Tamiflu has sped up the recovery time but a side effect is I am dizzy about 80% of the time I am standing. I am hoping to be well enough to go to black belt class tomorrow (need a couple more and the available oppertunities are dwindling down). On a side note, I beat a personal record! 102.7 degrees body temp! I think that may be a new all time high for me! 
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Whats the #1 thing that can't happen during cycle?

Getting the flu... Didn't feel like myself monday and after helping with a class and then taking the adult class on monday I wasn't feel 100%. Went to publix and started to decline fast (had to leave with only 1/3 of my shopping done). Got home and passed out. Woke up at 11 pm to a 102.5 degree temperature... I will say this, Tamiflu is amazing!!! Got a script for it yesterday and took my 2 doses, with a 3rd dose this morning (and 4th will be tonight). Fever broke and am down to 98.6 today and feeling much better. To bad I got 0 requirement in for yesterday and today (not going to push myself just going to sleep some more and hope it is alll over). 
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Got our drop boxes!

So I got the notification that my dropbox was ready. Guess that means it is time to start writing those essays!
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Whats my name again?

Thinking about putting the subject line of all my journals from now on in the form of song lyrics. I somehow missed sparing and blackbelt class today, but I had a good reason! Color belt testing is next week so I imagine Monday and Tuesday are going to be crazy with students trying to finish their requirements and prepare for testing. Today has been a pretty decent day! Beware the possible ice tomorow. 
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Sparing Class

I went to sparing class and then had to teach a bunch of junior wanghos stuff they should already know since testing is next week. Today was a good day
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Back in the swing to things

So testing is next week and we must have had almost 50 students in class for the Wednesday family class. Ever get to the point where you just have to try to work with everyone and have them take a seat when they poomsae is done so you can focus on the next group and the poomsae they will be tested in? Worked pretty well I think.    Edit: I forgot to publish this last night. 
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Everything is on the up and up

So had 2 days of rest and relaxation (partially... still had to work the past 2 days) but everything is starting to feel back to normal. Swelling in my right ankle went down greatly and can walk without so much as a limp! Should be starting back up classes tomorrow. 
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My legs aren't working correctly

Another Instructor camp is over. 4 hours of sleep 2 nights in a row... I haven't done that since I worked for the State of Florida and now remember one of the reasons I don't work for them anymore. After I finally got home yesterday I passed out around 4 pm and woke up at 7:30 am this morning. I think I was a little tired. My legs aren't working correctly (although the swelling in my right ankle went down this morning) so I think by Wednesday I may be ready to resume classes! 
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Last day before Instructor Camp Begins

Well today is the last day before Instructor Camp begins! Probably going to attend sparing class today and then hopefully we get to leave tomorrow fairly early so I can get to the hotel before camp begins. 
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Rest and Relaxation day is over

My rest and relaxation day is over. Back to work tomorrow... Starting to doubt the wisdom of doing 2 days of classes and then instructor camp, but thus is life on the cycle... 
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Final Countdown to the weekend without sleep

We are in the final week before instructors camp. This year I will not touch Spark! Monster energy or bust (spark does something weird to me where I feel like I am having an out of body experience). For some reason my right knee doesn't want to work well right now. Foster you experiencing the same problem? 
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Oh look. The weekend is already over

Well the weekend came and went very fast. Why does the week drag on and yet the weekend seems to fly by without even saying hello? Instructor Camp is almost here... 
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I made it!

I made it to sparing this morning... WOOT! I am going to sleep well tonight. 
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The week is over and I swear I will be at sparing tomorrow!

I know I have said this multiple times and when my alarm goes off at 8 am I turn it off and go back to bed, but I swear this time will be different! I am going to make it to saturday sparing... I guess some people will find out tomorrow if I keep this promise... 
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Pro Tip - OxiClean will get blood out of a dobok

So today was sparing day, and somehow i got cut on the side of my right palm. Didn't realize it until after the round was over and my hand stung a little... I look down and what do you know, there is blood all over my pants. Sprayed some Shout on the blood, let it soak in cold water and oxiclean and then ran a gentle cycle and what do you know.. The blood is Gone! Billy Mays would have been proud! 
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The week is finally half over

Thankfully this week is finally half over, it needs to end finally. I don't know about everyone else but this week seems to be dragging on and on and on. Instructor Camp is almost only 1 week away and everyone knows what that means! A weekend without sleep! 
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No Update

No real update for today. I am taking Tuesdays off from class to try to relax and reflect on myself. To bad meditation isn't required anymore because I would probably have already finished up the entire required time in the past few weeks. 
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Another Monday Down

Another Monday has come and gone. Only 4 more days til the weekend, Right? I guess the older you get the more you realize the weekends are just a reminder that the week is about to start all over again. 
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Bring on the Sunday

I am ready for Sunday, my one day to truly relax and try to prepare myself for another week of work. Can everyday be Sunday from now on? 
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Goodbye Friday ... Glad this week is over

Hasn't been a great week, hopefully next week is better. Goodbye Friday, Hello Saturday. Time to try to catch up on some sleep. Who knows, I may even make it to sparing tomorrow. 
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Remind me next time I am on cycle to not get a tetanus shot

So I finally went to the doctor on tuesday (havent had a primary care physician in NC since I moved up here) and when I couldn't actually tell them the last time I had a tetanus shot, they suggested I should get one. That is all fine and dandy, but I forgot how the shot can leave lingering pain. Pushups when your shoulder feels like it has a giant bruise is not fun. At least another sparing class is in the books. 
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Today was an OK day...

Not a great day, just OK. Kinda went through the motions the entire day but guess I am just worn out (mind and body) and need a little break from reality to get everything back in good working order. 
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My cheat day - Doesnt involve food

So i figured I need a "physical" cheat day once a week. Tuesdays are usually the safest because there are no critical classes that i can't afford to miss. On my cheat days I am going to still try to keep up with the physical requirements but I am also going to let myself rest more than any other day of the week.
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And the cycle repeats

Monday is over... Been a long week and weekend, glad for the new week. Not much to say here but Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this cycle like I am! Sleep is for the weak, work harder!!!
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Relaxing Sunday... Back to the grind tomorrow

Well Sunday came and went. Was relaxing (went for a long walk at Jetton Park) and tried to relax. Tomorrow is an important day, my parents get back into town and I can finally hand their puppy back to them and maybe get more than 3 hours of sleep. Never made me appreciate my Remi (11 year old vizsla) more than taking care of a puppy. He lets me sleep as long as I want, I dont have to keep an eye on him at all times to make sure he isn't destroying everything in sight and he lets me read without barking for hours on end. 
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Woooo A Day Off!!!

Sunday is my relaxation day so thankfully it will finally be here! Multiple classes a day 5-6 times a week is starting to wear on my body (along with a full day of work every day). 
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What is with this weather?

It is hot, it is cold, it is cold, then it is hot again... This weather is pretty bipolar. Suppose to be in the 70s this weekend which should be nice. Not sure how much longer I can do Tae Kwon Do 6 days a week... Some of those days include helping a class, taking a class and then kickboxing after class. This is going to be rough the next few weeks... My body already feels it. 
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Thank you Duke power

Is it just me or does this site suffer an issue that when you type in a Journal title it takes a few minutes before it even types it in? Oh and don't make a mistake because you aren't sure how many times you hit delete and it may take another minute or two to realize you hit it to many times.    Anyway, Thank you duke power! Between when I got back after class yesterday and about 1 AM in the morning, the power to the entire neighborhood was out. So guess who didn't get to do a journal yesterday...   To everyone who was at kickboxing last night, if your shoulders and legs aren't hurting then congrats! You are super human because my legs and shoulders are killing me today. Also sorry about the music selection, it was the only pandora station I had on my phone (I never...
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Another Day Another dollar

Another day down and still so many more to go. I don't know what is more exhausting, work or trying to get all these requirement done. I know I may have posted this before but have I ever mentioned how much I hate running? 
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Jason Griggs Gould
Why don't you like running?
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 21:28
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Now what do I do on my sundays?

Oh that is right... I don't really care for NFL. My football season has been over since the college national championship. How many more days until college football kickoff? I dont want to count because I will be depressed. Anyway did a lot of pullups and running this weekend, alone with helping someone transport some rescue dogs. 
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So I am reading a book and...

So I am reading a book that a friend suggested which I can't name because it isn't "All ages appropriate" but it makes a ton of sense. To bad I can't use this for my reading requirement and essay, it makes a lot more sense than some of the other books I have read and has an interesting way of putting things into perspective... If you want to know what the book title is just ask me in person. 
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LKN has a new kicking bag.. my face!

Well today was a fun sparring class where someone decided they were going to film the rounds and we could watch it after class and do some critic on it. I am not naming names but that same someone may have kicked me straight in the nose and mouth... I guess this is payback for the welt they got on their foot after i blocked a kick with my forearm with a little more force than I intended.    Edit: I have no idea what Foster is talking about... I am in my 30s and still sleep and I are nothing more than common acquaintances who sometimes agree on things.  
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White belt challenge.. Done... First of many Kickboxing... Done..

So today was an eventful day. Whitebelt challenge is done (now to right an essay on what I learned during it) and finally getting back into kickboxing.. It is amazing how 30 minutes of constant motion makes you more tired than an entire day of work sometimes. 
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Havent slept this well in a while

I guess it is because I am physically wearing myself out between work and all this cycle requirements, but I havent slept this well for a while. 
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Half the White belt challenge done

So today was the first of 2 days of the white belt challenge... To make things challenging, this cycle I have decided to try to do most of my white belt skills while being blind folded. Today I just kept my eyes closed most of the time but thinking of actually bringing in a blind fold for Wednesday (depending on circumstances) and doing most of the class while not being able to see. It made me really focus on my stances (you get disoriented trying to move in stances while not being able to see). 
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Couldn't log in yesterday but can today

Wasn't able to log in to edit my journal and other stuff yesterday for some reason but it is back up today. 2 Blackbelt classes over 2 days and can definitely feel the soreness. I may not be able to go to next weeks saturday blackbelt class (still waiting on confirmation for something I comitted to before the cycle started) but still going to do spend most of my weekend working on requirements. 
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Black Belt Class

Got off work early and going to attend my first black belt class in awhile.. Granted most Adult classes end up being black belt classes :p I forgot how much work cycle is (guess I got lazy these past few months) but definitely feeling the difference of actually being sore and tired. I know I said it last time, but once again I am remembering how much I really hate running. I would rather do another 10k pushups and situps then have to run another mile. Hopefully I will be awake in time for sparing class tomorrow but will be at the Saturday black belt class! 
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I can finally log on!

Well, the cycle officially started and I can finally log on to the website to edit my requirements. I was never good at these journal entries but going to work on this cycle to get better. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate running? 
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Only 1 more day

Well it is crunch time... Only 1 more day until physical and written test. Never have I felt so not prepared. Been studying but I swear my brain has turned into a pasta strainer... Full of holes and nothing seems to be staying in! I have 1 more essay to finish tomorrow and then the last one will have to come after our community service project. My shrub is still alive in the backyard so that is all good! Atleast today it didn't take me an hour and a half to go 10 miles to class. 
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Another Journal entry....

I thought I was done but apparently not. Today was a day that seemed to drag on and on, why isn't it Friday already? Got stuck in traffic on my way to class but that didn't seem to matter because no one was at sparing. Went to help the family class but only 3 people showed up (1 Bo Cho Dan and 2 White Belts) so ended up taking that class instead of helping out. I like instructing more than I thought I would. It also seems to help with memory retention of self defenses. 
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Last Journal

This should be my last journal entry and I am not sure how much I can write since I am also doing my essays right now.  Class today was great! So many new belts that need to learn their new poomsae and self defenses. It makes the classes go by really fast because you aren't trying to think up random things for them to do. I will be happy when cycle is done and I can focus more on the students and less on myself. 
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Almost done

Well this is the last week before the physical and written exam. Hopefully it goes by slow so I can get all these essays done. Have most of them done but just a few more to go! 
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Journal #29

Well this is my 2nd to last journal (was told I only need 30). Working on my essays this weekend and trying to finish up most of my requirements. Going to help with the belt testing today and tomorrow so that should be fun! 
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Class after Instructor Camp

Did a leadership 1 today to help the green belts before their testing Thursday for high green. They are very very ready. Today started of pretty slow (still very sore from instructor camp) but at least class was pretty subdued eventho we went thru all the color belt self defenses and poomsaes. Going to be a short week since the school is not having classes Wednesday and Thursday for belt testing, but going to help out so at least there is that.    It was great seeing everyone and meeting new people at instructor camp! 
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Not going to lie, going to be happy when cycle is over

I think it gets harder and harder everyday to make sure I am up to date with my requirements and still on track. I like it when I can just focus on learning new stuff without making sure I meet the requirements for the day. 
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Had to miss class today :(

Has to miss weekend blackbelt class today. Kinda stung because I enjoy them and really wanted to go but wasn't able to attend. Guess I will have to miss next week's also because it is instructor camp! 
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Another sparing class down... 4 more to go!

Another sparing class is down. Only 4 more to go! Was a pretty good class today. Took it a little slow to make sure I didn't overdo it this week. 
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How about this weather

So interesting drive home for work and then to and from Tae Kwon Do today. The power for almost all of the Lincoln County traffic lights is out. This wouldn't be horrible if people knew that when the light is out, it automatically becomes a 4 way stop, not a "blow thru the intersection because you can" situation. North Florida got hit much worse than we did (couple tornado spotted in the panhandle) but talked to my renter today and my house is still standing, which is a good thing. 
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day 5 straight of classes

Finished day 5 of classes, those sparring classes will be the death of me. My hips are incredibly sore and tomorrow should be a decent challenge to keep up. Finally got most of the stuff out of my apartment, including my scuba doubles which must weight over 70 lbs when full (and they are full). 
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Day 4 of a week of classes over

I am attempting to do a week straight (sans Sunday) of classes and today finished day 4. Not sure how younger people do it, but 2 sparring classes in 1 week (with an adult class in between in which we did more dynamic kicks) is doing murder on my hips.  Had to sit out for some of the more intense parts of the class because I still need to be able to walk tomorrow. Hoping to get off work early and be able to attend black belt class but we will see what happens tomorrow. 
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Another Wednesday has come and gone

Really good adult class today. Was able to work out some of the Poomsae changes so that they feel more natural. Feeling yesterdays sparing class today for sure and hoping that tomorrows wont be as challenging (dynamic kicks galore). We shall see what tomorrow brings. I am 99% moved out of my apartment, just have all my scuba gear in the garage that needs to be moved out. 
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Pretty Good Day

Got a sparing class done and another Mentoring session so all in all a pretty good day! Tired so going to try to get some sleep but look forward to classes tomorrow. 
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Ice Ice Baby

It may not have snowed today, but 73 and 27 were pretty iced up today. Had to leave class early because of reports that there was bad ice (and thus accidents) and wanted to get home before it got worse. Did get to do most of what I needed to get done tho. Still unpacking and moving small stuff from the apartment to the townhouse. Have 2 weeks until I turn in the keys to the apartment. Want to bet I won't see a dime of the security deposit no matter how clean I make it? 
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Finally got internet again

I missed 2 days of journals because I didn't have internet and trying to post one of these on my phone didn't work. Anyway I am back and mostly moved so I should be able to go to weekend blackbelt classes now (was moving yesterday so couldn't go)
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Another day closer to normal

I wasn't able to go to class today because I had help coming over to pack up my TVs (when I moved from Florida I packed them myself and was amazed i didnt break them.... decided it was a 2 person job). Should make it to blackbelt class tomorrow but wont make saturday's (moving day). I cant wait til all this packing and moving is done so I can get back to a semi normal routine. Also kickball should be starting up in a couple months. 
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Still working still packing

So still working on cycle stuff and still packing. Saturday can't get here soon enough, granted after the move I still have to unpack :( 
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This weather is crazy!

Seems like the weather doesn't know what it wants to do. One day it may be a high of 75+ and the next day it is almost below freezing. Crazy and makes running/outdoor activities pretty challenging. I guess today is sparring class and then deciding if I take the family class or do another leadership 1 (need the leadership so leaning towards that). Maybe I will get a leadership 2 in there too. 
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Researching Enigma

Was a pretty interesting day. Still working on packing and currently researching the enigma machine for a theoretical question that was posed by an old coworker.  
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Another Short Entry

After blackbelt class went back and attempted to pack up more of my apartment. It is really slow going. Going to try to get some sleep before showing back up at 8:45 to help out with that saturday class. Then proceeding to saturday blackbelt. Should be a good day. 
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Short Entry

This is going to be a short journal. Was able to attend a great PMAA class in between being alone at work this week, watching my parents animals and attempting to pack up my apartment for my move next weekend. Hope to see everyone at Saturday BlackBelt class! 
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Back in the Swing of Things

Looks like I am back in the swing of things. Going to have to stop going to at least 1 class a week (instead of doing 5-6 days I need to push it back to 4-5 days a week). Had a great "black belt adult class because it was only black belts in the adult class" and we did a TON of poomsaes. Also starting to get the hang of the leadership 1 classes. Edit: Not sure why this didn't publish, must have hit the "save for later" on accident 
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A Journal Entry before night

Actually doing an entry before nighttime, this is a new concept to me. Rolls/Falls and Situps are still giving me some serious trouble but working to get all my other numbers up. Now to get those sparing classes and rounds. This should be interesting since I don't think I have spared since my Bo Cho test. 
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Just did my 3rd Leadership 1 and 2nd leadership 2

I use to lecture and teach classes at my old job all the time but it is very different when you are constantly moving and working out vs standing in front of a lecture hall and giving a presentation or speech. Never realized how difficult it is to say "left foot up" and then have to bring up your own right foot to mirror everyone... Really messes with the brain.  Class today was pretty awesome, it is great to be back in the "swing of things". Working on regaining my strength to beat my low pretest numbers. 
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Packing, Packing and more Packing

Currently packing up my apartment for my move to a Townhouse in mid February. Can't believe it has been a year since I moved from Florida to North Carolina. Hopefully this move will be the last move for a while. I now remember why I bought my house in Florida and lived there for 6 years, packing up your life and moving really sucks. 
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Challenge #2

Well we survived challenge #2 followed by kickboxing in which someone made us do even more squats. But at least PMAA is a nice relaxing class, right? 
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FB Challenge

Quick shout out to Master Chelley for somehow getting me to do the FB Challenge when I had decided it seemed to much during my recovery period. I wish I could feel my right shoulder, but I doubt that will happen without a large dose of Tylenol. I am slowly chipping away at these daily goals but still slow going while I try to not push myself to hard. 
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Back in the Swing of Things

Attempted to do my pretest but didn't realize how much muscle mass being sick for 2 months can make you lose. Not sure if I want to post the results or not cause they are highly disappointing to me (compared to what I could do in November before I got sick).  On another note, I came back from vacation to a nail in my tire. Was really upset until I remembered I had road hazard protection for the first year after I bought the car so instead of $200 for the new tire, it will only cost me 50 bucks. 
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Back after 8 days of Summer

I just got back after 8 days in the Southern Hemisphere off the coast of Colombia. Not going to lie, wish i was still there. Got a ton of walking and running done while on the boat and on shore but wasnt really able to get much done in the way of other workouts. Wish I could count lifting a 18 month old and 3 year old up and down as pushups and i would probably be halfway to my requirements. Had a couple nice falls when the boat was really rocking last night (10+ ft waves can make even a very large ship roll) but not sure if i can count those as falls/rolls. Was very interesting to be in the middle of January and experiencing spring/summer weather on a beach on a tropical island, would recommend it if you havent tried it...    To bad the casino beat me...
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Yesterday was Unexpected

I am about to head out of the country for a couple days but yesterday was an unexpected day. I felt something weird with one of my teeth and went to the dentist. Turns out I needed a root canal immediately and I had to have one yesterday morning, go to work and then fly to Florida. Was a very long day and I have to leave soon. Going to try to read "The Art of War" on the boat
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So I can finally post on here

Took a few days but I can finally post in the journals and update my stuff! An outlet that I have to write about myself and/or what I did for the day? Oh this is going to be fun! I think the last time I actually wrote something that wasn't "work" related in a blog it was a few years ago, the topic? Is a Lepton matter or not? I can copy it here if anyone really really wants to be bored!  On a lighter side, I finally got to go to a regular class again. Has been a month and a half since the last time and I have significantly lost muscle mass (getting sick isn't fun, I wouldn't recommend anyone try it!) I got to break out my old white belt! It has been very long since I got to wear that! I guess no one outside Lake Norman...
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