Fall 2021 Black Belt Cycle

Love the South!

I am not a big winter weather fan... just saying. I live in the South For a reason!

YES ! we really did 520 kicks on Monday. The last class of the day was cancelled because of this bad weather so maybe Master Shin just wanted to get all the kicks for the day in. :-) and I had already done 100.
My legs are a little sore today, but that actually feels good because it means I'm doing and I definitely needed the numbers, and I'm thrilled that I am feeling a little stronger than yesterday. I am still running primarily on some awesome smoothies, but am slowly introducing solid food. This bout has been a rough one!
I spent a good deal of time last night going over the test questions. I still have answers I need to find. Since school is already cancelled for tomorrow, and we are still having plumbing issues at the studio It will be a mixed up day so I plan to work from home. I am going to stay up a little later tonight and hopefully knock out at least one essay. Not quitting yet. Hard to believe we are so quickly 'in the middle' of this BB Cycle. Master Shin worked with me tonight on the Bo Staff form 2. I think the form really has an awesomeness to it, but the difference between Staff form 1 to 2 feels like jumping from elementary school to graduate, overnight. Whew! I learn so slow.

Hope all are well!

PS I have an idea for a Community Service Project. I am going to send the thought to Master Hartle and see what she thinks. Is there already something planned? Wondering what everyone else is thinking?
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Monday, 29 November 2021

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