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Hey! Its instructor Luis Im 17 years old and on the path top become a master. Im currently a rising senior at cox mill high school.My passions are teaching and also playing music. OOO and I speak espanol ;)


Today was a good day, class ended early today. I had so much fun teaching class today! it was blue and red stripe today fro the junior tiger which is supa dupa fun! When I get home I have to do a ton of homework and also work on poomsaes. I really need to get caught up but these applications for colleges and also the load of AP homework I have from my combo I'm taking this year. Welp wish me luck!
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I had a great day io was at school all day, then I came to work. I joined the math honors society today they actually invited me! i really felt proud of my achievments today, never thought I was that smart in math. When I get home I need to study for my APES quiz i have tomorrow wish me luck. No cap I want to know what I got on the ACT prayers for meeeeee for realllll
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Today was a pretty sweet day! I went to school but I have to do a lot of work when I get home. I'll try and do my best to finish up most of my homework but I need to study for my big test as well tomorrow.
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Today was a wonderful day, let me tell you about it! I went to school and had a meeting for my honors society I conducted it and had to present the whole presentation in Spanish,  I felt so cool doing that I just felt like a whole pro talking to my peers in my native language. When I was done I had to go to work! I had a blast at work today such an amazing time with the kids I've taught today. Know I'm on my way home ready to grind on some homework. I'm really lucky that I had time in journaling today. seriously. 
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Its been a rough week I've been through so much. My classes started but they are so hard, all these classes leave a ton of assignments that are basically due by the next day. I believe its because they are AP courses shucks!
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Today was a great last first day of high school I will ever have. Im going to be honest I really liked all my classes: not to mention this is  by far this was the best first day of school I have had. When I got home I ate Alfredo that I cooked up and then headed to go work out. I had a pretty good workout it was fun and long, after that I headed to work. I was helping out in class I had a pretty fun time teaching students how to do hop step kicks. Well know I have to study a little bit then hit the hay. Duces. 
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Today was good I went to work but before I worked it was really cool! Didn’t do much tho but when I got home I studied for the ACT!
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Welp today was an amazing day once I got back to work I fell asleep I just woke up like 20 minutes ago ! I’m about to be up all night I might just work out no cap. I had a great day at work too so far it’s all good!
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Oh what a day

This has been the first day in days that i finally had WiFi. I already did what I had to do here in Peru now I’m just waiting on some things to finalize. 

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Today was a great day I enjoyed it because in the morning I went to take care of some dogs in the morning I stayed there for about a good 5 hours then left the dogs to go home and see my family that came to visit me. I enjoyed the time I spent with them; I haven't seen them in forever, so it meant a lot to me seeing them today. After that, I headed to the gym to workout. I did some requirements when I was there overall a pretty lit day not going to lie. 
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Today was a pretty dope day I went to go take care of some dogs I fell asleep like 5 times and at the moment I just finished working. I had a pretty lit class if you ask me, we worked on orange and black which is balance and coordination. Pretty hype I played red and black with them! they were really happy I believe. I'm going to get going on requirements and workout so success.
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