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Candidate Journals

King Tiger Tae Kwon Do Black Belt candidates blog daily about their journey: their thoughts and feelings, their struggles and successes; their pain and their encouragement. Follow along on their journey; words of encouragement are always welcome!

9/13/19- My day

Today was a very chill day. It was a Friday so I am very excited. I am kind of stressed for tomorrow because it’s the written and physical test. It’s that I’m not ready but I just have a lot of thoughts in my head that is making me kind of anxious and stressed. But, tomorrow is going to go great. 

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9/9/19- My day

Its the third week of school and my senior year is going very swell. I come home really early so I am able to do many things like work out and relax before taekwondo. Nothing special happened today but I may see what happens tomorrow.

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9/07/19- My day

Today was great. Woke up early and went to sparring class. It was so great training with Master Jean and Master Hama. They really know what they are doing. I hope they continue doing what they do and continue to earn more achievements. Black belt class was also a lot of fun. A whole bunch of sweating today which made the experience even more fun.

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9/05/19- My day

Today was a really fun day. Today master Jean came to our school to visit and he today he taught all of the classes except junior tigers but it was really fun seeing what a Olympic person would do. He taught black belt class and was it sweaty and fun.He will be here for the rest of this week and will be teaching all of the Saturday class.

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9/3/19 - My day

Today was a great day. Went to school, completed my work then cane home and finished all my homework. Decided to take a nap before I went to work and omg was it amazing (yes it was). Work was great and so was class.

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9/2/19 - my day

 Today was another chill day. Went to the lake all day so I did most of my requirements there. It was nice working whole seeing a nice view of the beautiful water. What a great way to start this wonderful week off.

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9/1/19- My day

I am feeling a lot better today like oh my gosh. When Monday hits it back to the grind. Kind of took like three to four days just to rest up so now I am ready. We are in September now so that means two months away from my birthday.

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8/31/19- My day

I have been getting a lot better since when I first got sick. I was actually able to work out today and get some requirements in. I’m telling you guys, next week I’m going to hit the ground RUNNING.

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8/30/19- These past few days

Hey blog, have not posted in a while for reasons but one of the main reasons is because I have been sick. It started on Wednesday and carried over into today which is Friday but I’m feeling way better than I did yesterday. Yesterday which was the 29th I had multiple fevers, felt lightheaded, had multiple headaches, felt cold when it was hot outside then got hot after that. Just a whole bunch of up and downs but next I should be back in business and hitting the ground running.

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8/27/19- My day

Today was the second day of school and it was great. I got my schedule fixed so now I can graduate early and go to community college for free. This year is going to be challenging but not as challenging as my other years of Highschool.

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8/24/19- My day

I woke up at 6 am to start getting ready for the new school year. Then went to sparring and it was really fun. After sparring went a run in the rain and it was kind of chilly but it felt really nice. After that had black belt class and it was very fun and exhilarating.

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8/22/19- My day

Today was open house. I went to all my classes and met all my teachers, and I like them a lot. Since I’m a senior I have some le-way and also other perks but I’m ready for the school year. I saw a lot of my old teachers and it was nice seeing them.

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8/20/19- My day

Today was a very casual day. Went to work then came and home and worked out then ate dinner. Nothing really special happened today but after eating dinner took a shower and now getting ready for bed.

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8/19/19-My day

This week is the last week of summer camp. I’m ready to be a senior in high school and I got my schedule today and I’m so excited but the summer was pretty cool because we had a small group of kids compared to the second week of summer camp lol. Today was very chill and collective. When I got home, I worked out and now gonna chill and have a great night.

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8/17/19- My tiring day

I had a very good day today. Today was the pre test which kicked my butt, but I think I did pretty good being a first timer. Then after that took black belt class and that was exhilarating and fun and definitely SWEATY. After that I had a great mentor session with instructor Catherine. Then came home and went to a friends house and that was a adventure and a half. Last part of the day, I came back home from my friends then worked out for 2 hours for with a good friend of mine and now I’m sore so tomorrow is my chill day.

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8/16/19- My day

So tomorrow is the pretext for the cycle and my wrist is hurting again (the same wrist that I problems with before, that I had to get physical therapy for). It’s kind of worrying me because I might have to wear my brace in the morning and I won’t be able to do my push ups, burpees, and half pull ups. The more I push through it, it hurts more so I don’t want to do anything to it tonight but I’m going to keep putting ice on it and hopefully will see what it feels like in the morning.

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8/15/19- Another testing day

Today was another day of testing. All of the students did amazing and the parents thought that as well. So proud of all the new Bo cho dans, they worked hard to get it.

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8/14/19- My day

Today was testing day at the dojo. The junior tigers did so well today and it was fun seeing the stuff they learned and then perform for everyone. I am so proud of my summer camp friend/ buddy because she has gone from a junior tiger to a full yellow belt and it was so exciting seeing her excel.

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8/12/19- My day in Florida

Today was a chill day so I got a lot of requirements in. It rained a lot today so we did not do much but I did go  to the pool for like 30 minutes but then it started to thunderstorm. After, that we went to a fancy restaurant and the food their was really good.

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8/10/19- My amazing day

Today was a great first day in Florida. Went to the beach for the whole day but before had an amazing breakfast. At the beach took so nice pictures and had an amazing time looking at the sunset. What a great day.

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8/9/19- My long day

Today is the day where I go to Florida. I spent the day packing and doing requirements because I knew I would not be able to do them tonight. Currently, I am at the concord region airport and now boarding the plane, flight got delayed multiple times so I’m ready to get on the plane. 

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8/7/19-My day

Today was actually kind of fun. Had a lot of laughs with the summer camp kids and my friends/co workers. Created a game that the kids have a lot of fun with but at the same time some get hurt but most are over dramatic.

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8/6/19-My day

My day was a casual day at work. Today was pay day and my check looked nice then came home and worked out hard. Black belt class was fun because it was a mini Saturday class which I felt on Sunday.

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9/4/19-My chill day

Today was Sunday which means it’s my chill day so that’s what I did. Today, I went to go see the new “Hobbs and Shaw” movie and it was good. So what happened.... just kidding I’m not gonna spoil it but then after that went to my step dads house and chilled their for the rest of the day. Still got some stuff in but not that much. But tomorrow is back to the grind.

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9/3/19- My great day

My day today was very fun. Got up early and went to work and then took black belt class. After black belt class, I went to my friends house for the entire day.

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8/2/19-My day

Today was a very chill day. Went into work so I can get credit for the white belt challenge, the kids in that class are funny. Then came home and worked out then ate dinner.

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8/1/19-My day

Today was very tiring but fun at the same time because at the summer camp its science week, so the experiments were fun. The classes after summer camp went by very fast but still very tiring. Learned some new stuff at black belt class so that was fun.

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7/31/19-My day

My day was good. The summer camp was fun because we did science experiments. The classes after we’re also really cool because of the yellow stripe.

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7/29/19-My day

My day was a regular day at summer camp.Went to work, then did classes, then came home and worked out. This week, I am on my White Belt challenge.

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7/28/19-My day

Today was a chill day. I still did some of my requirements but I wanted to take granted of my chill day so I did.Back on the grind tomorrow.

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7/27/19-My wonderful day

Today was a good day. Woke up early and went on a run then went to sparring class and Black Belt class. Then i got home and cleaned because a special person was coming to house to spend the day with me. Then, when she left i got ready for Yacht party out in Lake Norman and it was really fun.

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7/26/19-My day

Today was very chill. I got up at 7, did my run for the day and then got back home and did my daily basic kicks. In the evening, i went to get a hair cut because tomorrow i am going to a party and i need to look FRESH (and it was about time for me to get a haircut).

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7/25/19-My day (went to sleep last night)

Yesterday went very smoothly. Summer camp was fun, calm, and collective. Then, Black Belt class, as always, was very exhilarating.

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7/24/19-My day

Today was really good. With the summer camp went to the movies and saw Captain Underpants. The classes went really smoothly and quick and then when i got home, worked out and ate a healthy dinner.

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7/23/19-My day

My day was very interesting especially at summer camp but very sore. My finger is still injured but i still do push ups and as much burpees that i can do. When i got home, my mother and I worked out together so that was fun.

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7/22/19-My day( forgot to post last night fell asleep when i got home)

Went to the park with the summer camp kids. Ran a lot there and ended up over extending my right leg which hurt my hip in the long run. Had to chase away multiple squirrels, was very fun.

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7/21/2019-My day

I injured my finger yesterday, so i have to chill with the push ups and burbees but i still did some. My day was interesting because i built my pull up bar/machine thing so i can get those pull ups in and get stronger. I dropped my grandmother off at the airport, but her flight got delayed.

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7/20/19 Sparring class

Today I had sparring class. It was really exciting and fun but I got hurt. But what I learn from getting hurt is to practice more to get better.

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