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Hi I’m Akarsh and I am testing for my 1st Degree Black Belt. It’s my first time doing the cycle and I am pretty nervous. I’m 11 turning 12 this year and I’m in sixth grade. I play the piano and Flute and love soccer.


Day 3

I really need to start doing these more often, so today is the Super Bowl Chiefs need to win, requirments are going well, yesterday was a long day because I had to do Sparring then BB class, then go to community service which was fun, but thats it bye.

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Day 2

Thank you, I finally have more time because of the long weekend for doing requirments. I really have a lot to catch up on so I'm making this short. I am going to Black Belt Class tommorow at North Charlotte. Bye

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Day 1

My first day of doing these blogs. Whew, I started a little late but better late then never. Requirements are going well but everything is pretty sore, also need to study and practice for the Pre-Test this Saturday. I got back from school and finished my homework then started doing requirements. I am really trying to push my self for this cycle I feel it will be a good experience. Have to go back to doing my requirements. Bye!  

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